I'm sure that we are not the only people who have struggled with ways to feed our goats.  We have tried tubs, pans, fence-line feeders, and every other possible feeder idea.  While visiting another breeder's farm I saw a very inventive feeder that he had bought.  The feeder had a rail that the goats stood on to get their grain.  So when I arrived home I decided to design a feeder similar and build it myself out of spare materials that I had. The original feeder I saw had a metal trough; it was in a V so some feed got stuck in the crevice. My original thought was to make the trough out of wood, however the wood was too heavy and feed would get ground into it and mold.  The solution was to use an old water pipe since I could drill holes in the bottom to let the water drain and whenever it needed to be cleaned I could take a scrub brush and some water and make it look brand new.  The feeder is also very easy to use in snow since you can stick your hand in the pipe and brush all the way down the feeder to remove all of the snow.

For a 6ft feeder: 6 feet of pipe cut in half, 4 - 75'' long boards (either 2'' by 6''s or 2'' by 4''s),  2- 4 1/2ft boards (2'' by 6'' for the base), 2- 3ft  boards (2'' by 6'' for the vertical boards) and two scrap pieces of wood to screw into the vertical feeders to hold the pipe. I drill the wood and then use screws to connect everything except for where the base meets the vertical board. There I use three bolts per leg since there is the most stress there. The total height of the feeder is 3 ft and the top of the lower board that the goats stand on is 20'' of the ground. We use this feeder for all of our goats, from weaning animals to our bucks.



Also a few pictures of the feeders being used by our goats.

Our Bucks:

Weanling Does:

Weanling Does:


Our Does:


Another Shot of our Does: