Briar Ridge Farm

    Briar Ridge Farm is an 89 acre family farm.  We are located in Amston, CT, a small town in the middle of Connecticut.  After years of breeding commercial cattle, we became involved with Boer Goats in 2001 when we purchased a commercial Boer doe with an embryo kid on her side.  We have now expanded the herd with some of the best genetics out there. Currently, we run about 20 Registered does for show animals and brood stock. Our goats are not pampered. They are required to be parasite resistant, productive, and record above average weight gains.  Our goats are bred to the ABGA Breed Standards and we strive to produce structurally correct, well muscled animals. Besides Boer Goats, we have a herd of commercial Simmental and Angus Cattle being raised for breeding stock and freezer beef.

             If you are interested in getting into the Boer Goat business, just want to talk goats, or look around, feel free to give us a call and schedule a visit.